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SGAM AsiaPAC Income Plus Fund

Societe Generale Asset Management will be launching a new fund this month – the SGAM AsiaPAC Income Plus Fund. This fund invests in the Asia Pacific developed markets, namely – Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia and Korea. Stock selection will be based on dividend yield, valuation and momentum. There will also be a liquidity […]

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Why a Hedge Fund Should Not Be Called a Hedge Fund

I feel that the term hedge fund is an misnomer. Why? Whenever we use the word hedging in investments, it usually means the taking up of new positions to reduce or eliminate the risks (or volatility) in the positions we were already holding. While hedge funds might take up positions for hedging at certain times, […]

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DB Platinum IV Liquid Private Equity Fund

Yesterday, I was at a presentation by Deutsche Bank on one of their funds, the Liquid Private Equity Fund. This fund is a sub-fund of DB Platinum IV. Private equity simply means the co-ownership of unlisted companies. This funding can take place at various stages of the lifecycle of the company. Typically, such an investment […]

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