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MAS Issues Revised Code on Collective Investment Schemes

MAS has just released a┬árevised code on collective investment schemes. The Code sets out the best practices on management, operation and marketing of schemes that managers and approved trustees are expected to observe. Note that the Code is non-statutory in nature. A couple of noteworthy changes (from the investors point of view) is that: The […]

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DollarDEX Reduces Sales Charge

Local unit trust distributor DollarDex has recently reduced its sales charge. Some of the changes include: Equity funds sale charge from 0.75% to 1.5% (depending on which client category) Zero sales charge on all CPF investments for Private Client+ Maximum 0.75% sales charge on all CPF investments for Private Client Maximum 1% sales charge on […]

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United Renminbi Bond Fund Launch

United Renminbi bond fund will start trading from 3rd May 2011 and the initial offer period will be from 16th March 2011 to 29th April 2011. While there are already a couple of Renminbi bond funds that cater to the accredited investors space, UOB Asset Management (UOBAM) is the first fund house in Singapore that […]

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Zero Percent Sales Charge Offer for CPFIS Funds

You know we are slowly heading towards a zero (or close to zero) sales charge environment for unit trusts when fund distributors start selling funds at 0% sales charge. From 1 February 2011 to 31 March 2011, all funds purchased at dollarDEX under CPFIS will be at 0% sales charge. This promotional price excludes switching […]

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CPF List A Funds (Dec 2010)

The CPF List A funds is a list of funds that can be purchased using the monies in your CPF ordinary account. Over the years, CPF has tightened the ruling for the funds that are admitted into this list. Under the latest criteria , the funds have to be in the top quartile among their […]

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