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Pru Global Positioning Strategy Fund

The Pru Global Positioning (GPS) Fund is a fairly new fund that adopts a top down, macro approach to investing in over 33 markets via exchange traded funds, index futures and bonds. It has an unconstrained investment approach with flexibility to go from 0-100% in equities and bonds. Currently, the cash portion of the fund […]

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Closure of Fidelity SGD Class Funds

Due to small fund sizes which will result in administrative cost inefficiencies (and high costs for the unit holders), Fidelity has decided to close the following SGD class funds: Fidelity American Growth Fund A -SGD Fidelity Euro Balanced Fund A -SGD Fidelity European Fund A -SGD Fidelity European High Yield Fund A-SGD Fidelity Target 2020 […]

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What & Where to Invest in 2009

Recently, I attended a talk organised by iFast: Where and What to Invest in 2009. The lineup of speakers include: Aberdeen Asset Management Asia Limited – Asian Equities: Looking Beyond Uncertainty DBS Asset Management – Global Bonds: Lessons from 2008; Opportunities in 2009 Deutsche Asset Management (Asia) – Small/Mid Cap Value Investing in Asia Henderson […]

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Temporary Suspension of DBS Absolute Return Fund

DBS Asset Management has given notice on the temporary suspension of DBS Absolute Return Fund. As DBS Absolute Return fund feeds substantially into Ivy Sentinel Fund II, there will be no trading of DBS Absolute Return fund due to the suspension of Ivy Sentinel Fund II. A check of the DBS Absolute Return Fund factsheet […]

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Managing Unit Trust Investments

Question from a reader: Hi Martin I wonder whether you could enlighten me. Being novice in the financial market, upon the recommendation of my banker I bought about $100 K of UT wth cash in July 07 and $40K in Jan 08 with CPF OA funds. Unfortunately that banker has now left the bank so […]

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