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iFast Cash Account and Cash Fund Guarantee

Just received this notice from iFast today (iFast provides an integrated platform that allows investors to access and transact on hundreds of unit trusts).  In view of the recent news by Singapore Government to guarantee all bank deposits until Dec 2010 with its $150 billion worth of reserves, we have confirmed that all deposits residing […]

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Removal of Funds from CPF Investment Scheme

With regards to unit trusts, CPF monies can only be used to buy funds which are included under the CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS). The number of funds that can be purchased with money in the Special Account (SA) is much fewer than the number of funds that can be bought using money from the Ordinary […]

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UOB United Cash Fund Launch Postponed

The United Managed Cash Fund was supposed to be a new money market fund launched by UOB Asset Management Ltd (“UOBAM”). As it invests in high quality short-term bank deposits, it provides a channel for you to get better returns from your savings without the need to lock your money in. With economies of scale, […]

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SGAM AsiaPAC Income Plus Fund Launch Postponed

SGAM has decided to postpone the launch of SGAM AsiaPAC Income Plus Fund due to soft market and investor sentiments. The product will be launched at a later date when the market sentiment improves. Investors who have already invested monies into the fund will have their funds returned. Details on the refund will be announced […]

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Lion Global AUD Short Duration Fund

Lion Global has recently launched a new fund, the Lion Global AUD Short Duration Fund. This fund invests in high quality short-term AUD money market instruments and debt securities and aims to provide a return which is comparable to that or better than AUD deposit rates. As we all know, the interest rates in Australia […]

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