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Deutsche Bank has recently launched another ETF in Singapore. This is in addition to the four they launched earlier. The DBXT FTSE Vietnam ETF tracks the FTSE Vietnam Index and started trading on SGX on 25th March 2009. The ETF will be quoted in board lots of 10 units and priced in US$ with a […]

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What Are ETFs?

An ETF (exchange-traded fund) is a security that holds assets such as stocks, bonds, etc and is traded on a stock exchange. Most ETFs are passively managed and track an index (such as S&P 500 or DJIA). The manager of the ETF will buy the stocks that make up the index and then issue out […]

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DBS STI ETF Started Trading

DBS STI ETF started trading yesterday. According to the notice filed by DBS, 2,411,410 units were created at an issue price of $1.62 per unit. This works out to a total fund size of about $3.9 million. It looks that the amount of funds raised is quite small. As the fund has a minimum trustee […]

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DB x-Trackers

Deutsche Bank has just launched some exchange traded funds (ETFs) on SGX. They are: FTSE/XINHUA CHINA 25 ETF  MSCI TAIWAN TRN INDEX ETF  S&P 500 SHORT ETF  S&P CNX NIFTY ETF (INDIA) The names should give a clear indication of the region the ETF is invested it.   The only one that needs a bit […]

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DBS Asset Management (DBSAM) will be launching the DBS Singapore STI ETF on 25th February 2009. This will be the second STI ETF listed on SGX, the first being StreetTRACKs STI ETF. The ETF is suitable for investors who would like a passively managed and low-cost fund that tracks the STI index. The initial offer period […]

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