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Should I Subscribe to CapitaMall Bonds?

The recent CapitaMall bonds seem to be quite popular, and someone asked me whether it is good to subscribe for it. There’s not a standard answer I can give, as it really depends on your individual circumstances. Let’s us take a look at the good and the bad of the CapitaMall bonds. First, the good. […]

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MAS and SGX Propose Measures to Strengthen the Securities Market

Following the penny stock fiasco last year, MAS and SGX has proposed some measures to enhance orderly trading and transparency. The consultation paper can be found here: Review of Securities Market Structure and Practices Some key proposed changes include: Requiring customers to post a collateral of 5% on open positions by the end of the […]

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Do You Have Unclaimed Shares and Dividends?

From time to time, some people who invest in shares may forget to deposit their dividend cheques. Actually, “some people” is an understatement. More than 89,000 investors are actually owned a total of $68.3 million in unclaimed shares and dividends, and SGX is trying to locate them now. These unclaimed assets comprise of two main […]

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Three Golden Rules in Shares Investing

This is a follow-up article on my previous post, The Penny Stocks Debacle in Singapore. Obviously, when it comes to stock investing, there are many techniques and rules that a person can adopt. I’m not going to go into too much details here but here are my three quick golden rules on investing that you […]

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The Penny Stocks Debacle in Singapore

What do stocks like Blumont, Asiasons, LionGold have in common? The recent collapse of prices in some penny stocks in Singapore has led to many questions being raised about our Singapore stock market and the role of SGX as a market regulator. There has been discontentment not only among investors who lost money, but also […]

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