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Macquarie International Infrastructure Fund Scrip Dividend Scheme

Macquarie International Infrastructure Fund (MIIF) had previously announced that they have a scrip dividend scheme as an alternative method for investors to receive their dividends. What this means is that an investor can opt to receive shares instead of cash as dividends. The amount of shares you receive will be based on your entitled dividend […]

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Singapore Property Growth & Profitability Conference

The Singapore Property Growth & Profitability Conference is a 2-day event held at Meritus Mandarin Singapore from 27-28 March 2008. The conference aims to help you find and identify winning projects and investment strategy into the Singapore property market. These is a list of the topics that will be covered and the respective speakers: Singapore […]

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Allco REIT – Extension of Short Term Debt Maturity

The latest announcement to come out from Allco REIT is that they have received in-principle approval for the extension of the maturity date for their $550 million loan. It was originally due on 31st July 2008; now the new date is set for 31st December 2009. There is another $70 million dollar debt which is […]

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Allco Commercial REIT Trading Suspension

This morning, Allco Commercial REIT requested for a trading halt. This comes in the light of recent developments in the listed entity. 19th March 2008 – Resignation of 3 non-executive directors linked to the parent company, Allco Finance Group, and appointment of 1 new executive director. The reason provided by the company is that the […]

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Merrill Lynch China Participation Certificates

Yesterday night, I attended a talk organised by Merrill Lynch on one of their latest products, China Participation Certificates. According to the information on the brochures, the Certificates are a cost effective way for investors to obtain access to selected China-themed sectors, based on the research of specialised Merrill Lynch analysts. The session begun with […]

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