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Phillip Singapore Real Estate Income Fund

If you are interested in becoming a Singapore REIT investor but do not have the time or knowledge to do it, you might want to consider investing into a collective instrument that does it for them. At the present moment, we do not really have a ETF that does this, but one unit trust that does […]

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Becoming a REIT Investor

One of the better performing category on the Singapore stock market this year has been Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) as the hunt for a higher yield has seen many investors buying into them. But not all REITS have performed the same. Selecting a good REIT does require doing a bit of homework. DIY investors […]

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Sale of Unit by Suntec REIT’s Manager

There was an article in the Straits Times which mentioned that minority shareholders were upset with the bulk sale of Suntec REIT’s units by their manager. Minority shareholders are upset that this unloading is depressing the share price of Suntec REIT. How it came about is because the manager is paid 80% of its management […]

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Singapore REITs in the Spotlight

After Teh Hooi Ling wrote her article on the The REIT Myth Busted, there was a lot of debate on online forums both supporting and criticizing her views. So she came out with another article The Pros and Cons of REITs that calculates the internal rate of return of the various REITs. My guess is that she […]

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The Dividend Myth of REITs

REITs has always been a popular topic of discussion among Singapore investors who want to invest into an instrument that can give them good dividend yields. I wrote this article Are Singapore REITs a Good Investment? last year to take a closer look at why REITs had failed to deliver on its promise of steady […]

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