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Kishore M Gets Reprimand from MAS

[Updated 18 Sep 2019: This reprimand has expired as it has exceeded five years since the issuance by MAS.]

Kishore M and his company Commerz Capital International Pte Ltd (“CCIPL”) has drawn a reprimand from MAS for:

  • for holding themselves out to be a financial adviser without being a licensed financial adviser, exempt financial adviser, or person specified in the First Schedule to the FAA; and
  • for carrying on business or holding themselves out to be carrying on business in the regulated activity of fund management without being the holder of a capital markets services licence or otherwise exempted from the requirement to hold a capital markets services licence.

Kishore conducts training seminars in the areas of forex, CFDs and stock trading, property investments and internet marketing.

You can refer to the MAS statement here:

MAS Reprimands Commerz Capital International Pte Ltd and MR Mansinghani Kishore Mirchumal

[Updated 18 Sep 2019: The reprimand has been removed from the MAS website as it has expired.]

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Clive says 12 years ago

For anybody who may have attended a course from a training company and would like to complain, they can see the blogspot of Mr Tan Kin Lian, the former candidate for Singapore President:

George says 12 years ago

I went for the preview. It sounded very dicey. I went through the internet but could not find any reviews on him except this MAS reprimand.

cheong says 13 years ago

is kishore M seminar useful, anyone?

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