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Land International Far East

Looks like Land International Far East is another busted UK land banking scam.

land-international-far-eastInterested readers can follow the post here:

Land Banking: Land International Far East (Land Wealth Centre)

Any affected victims who would like to share his or her story with the media can email Hanqing at [email protected].

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karen says 14 years ago

Jardine Smiths International is another land banking company set up in Singapore five years ago. Is it a solid company ? Can someone do a background check on them ? Can any journalist investigate about this company ? Many investors had put in their retirement money in the company. They needed to be protected!

Peter B says 14 years ago

Below is from Wikipedia. There have been many failed UK land banking companies that try to continue their operations in Asia . They typically claim it was one bad apple or the UK regulations that ruined the UK company and that the busines model was sound and will be amazing in Asia. Unfortunately typically the business runs another couple of years taking money from the same investors and then fails in the same way. Same people, same product, same failings.

Sometimes the past is proof for the future.

The investor may end up paying a considerable amount of money for a small area of low value land which has a very high risk of standing undeveloped. Once (in the UK) the general public becomes aware of the lack of viability of the proposed plot investment scheme, the re-sale value of the individual plots collapses. This is typically followed by the land plot company liquidating completely, or relocating to another legal jurisdiction.

For customers that show a willingness to purchase such schemes there may be attempts to sell additional plot based land banking products at alternate locations, or other high yield investment programmes. Customers may also be added to suckers lists which are then sold to other companies offering similar schemes. When the Land Banking plot company fails plot investors may also be offered investment recovery or planning services for a fee. Such services typically are fraudulent or fail and lead to a further loss of money for the investor.

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