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Last Meeting at Hong Lim Park

The details of this last meeting for all credit linked notes investors (DBS High Notes, Jubilee, Minibond, Pinnacle) at Hong Lim Park are as follows:

Date: Saturday 27 December 2008
Time: 5 to 7 pm

1. Update of complaints to financial institution, FIDREC
2. Update on collective legal action
3. Speech by lawyer organising the class action

This will be the last meeting to be held at Speaker’s Corner. Subsequent meetings will be organised by the group leaders for the various notes, and will be held at other venues.

Special Meeting for Pinnacle Note Holders

The committee of Pinnacle action group wishes to meet all pinnacle notes holders this Saturday at the same venue. The agenda is to explore alternative ways to seek relief for losses incurred by the Pinnacle notes.

Those who are unable to attend can email their particulars to [email protected] to be kept in the loop.

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sureesh says 10 years ago

What happend to the announcement that the underlying securities would be sold off and returned to the investors within a few months. It is already few months and nothing has happened.

    lioninvestor says 10 years ago

    Hi Sureesh,

    Do you mean for the Minibond?

    I suspect it will take a while.

songjie says 10 years ago


I am a victim of notes investors Pinnacle,yesterday I just knew I lost all my money. Because my english is very poor so I couldn’t understand the letter from OCBC Securities until yesterday my friend helped me decifer the letter which says I lost 100K. how can I liaese with the person who has the same fate.


Lillian Ngai says 11 years ago

I am a victim of DBS High Note due to my trust to my RM. After several rounds of cooperated investigation, DBS rejected my claim on the Christmas Eve by simply providing a short note of “no evidence to substantiate your claim”.

Would like to know what I should do next. Appreciate to get in touch with the collective legal action group.

    lioninvestor says 11 years ago

    Hi Lillian,

    You can contact the High Notes Investors group:

    You can also proceed to file your case with FIDrec.

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