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Launch of TM EarlyCare & EarlyCare Rider

Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore had launched their TM EarlyCare plan and EarlyCare rider earlier on the fifteen of this month.

As the product name suggests, the new EarlyCare is a comprehensive staged critical illness plan/rider that aims to provide lump sum payout on the diagnosis of any of the covered early stages of dread diseases so that treatment can be sought early on when the condition is less severe.

EarlyCare covers a total of 91 procedures and medical conditions at different stages of severity. Besides the lump sum financial support, this product also takes the pulse of your health by providing a Wellness Benefit every two years.

EarlyCare is targeted at individuals aged 25 to 45 who are looking for a comprehensive product that covers all stages of a covered dread disease condition.

TM EarlyCare is a non-participating, regular premium, standalone plan. Besides covering an extensive list of medical conditions and procedures, the plan also provides 25% extra payout for claims before age 65, a Premium Waiver Benefit upon an early or intermediate claim as well as a death benefit. The plan is available for policy terms to age 70, 75 and 85.

EarlyCare Rider is a non-participating, limited premium supplementary benefit available to TM Legacy Plus. Benefiting from the Minimum Benefit feature, the Rider gives an additional coverage of up to 150% of the chosen Rider sum assured till age 70.

With these new products, Tokio Marine Life has joined other insurers in providing an early stage critical illness plan. Most of the other companies had provided for either a term or whole life critical illness plan.

Tokio Marine has chosen to offer consumers both options.

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