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Making Medical Care More Affordable

MOH will be implementing a few changes to make the cost of medical care more affordable.

The changes will be in the areas of

  • Making care more affordable by increasing subsidies for high cost standard drugs
  • Expansion of the Medication Assistance Fund
  • Expansion of the Primary Care Partnership Scheme for private GP and dental care
  • Raising the Medisave withdrawal limits for outpatient expenses under the new Medisave400
  • Expanding healthcare financial assistance to needy Singaporeans through Medifund

More information can be found here:

Booster Shot for Healthcare

Factsheet of Details

While the changes is an improvement from the current situation, the problem I find with most of these schemes that target a certain group of people is that the people who really need them are sometimes not aware of them. Hope that more can be done in this area to reach out to these people.

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