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Manchester United IPO in Singapore

Fancy owning a piece of a famous football club?

Now, you can.

Manchester United, one of the world’s most valuable football clubs, is planning a listing on our very own stock exchange, the SGX.

The club aims to raise $1 billion with an initial public offering (IPO) of 30% of the club’s shares by the end of this year.

Manchester United was once listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) as Manchester United PLC but were delisted in 2005 after the Glazers bought the club through a deal that was heavily reliant on debt financing. The Glazers had been very unpopular with United fans because the debt had caused the club to incur heavy interest payments year every year.

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Spurs Fan with a Grudge says 9 years ago

I notice the Manchester United football channel is now being broadcast on Channel 5. I know there are a lot of Man U fans in Singapore but even so the timing of this would suggest that Man U have offered a cheap rate to media corp to broadcast it and are using media corp to promote an IPO.

The broadcast should go out with clear a warning that stock prices can go down as well as up so that people dont get attached to the buzz and the glamour while not considering whether this can be a good or bad investment. Football clubs easily can fall from favour with bad management, bad investments, bad luck or better competition. The risk are very real. While it may seem impossible Manchester United have been relegated in the last 30 years and were twice under threat of being relegated under Alex Ferguson. If two more English clubs get the kind of funding Man City and Chelsea have been getting then Man U could very easily drift outside of the top 4.

Look at Liverpool or Newcastle to see how easily big teams can fall from grace.

While less likley if the German Italian or Spanish leagues get organised or decided to combine forces they could destroy the EPL revenues which would affect all clubs.

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