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Marc Faber Interview on Bloomberg

Some pointers (and views of Marc) from this short Marc Faber interview.

What’s your outlook from here?The cyclicals, energy and the material stocks, like steel and iron ore companies will come under pressure. The downside in banks is running out. There are other sectors that are more vulnerable.

What would you be buying?

We should be asking what are the sectors to be sold. He doesn’t see value in equities, commodities and real estate.

Are you saying we should be in cash?

Cash is not good as it is losing its purchasing power due to the “money printing” policy of the Fed.

On the surge in oil prices

He is not sure whether oil at US$140 is justified. There will be corrections along the way, but if the supply of money is being increased, the price will go up if supply is constant. The big upside is gone. Be careful about blindly buying commodities.

On the one investment if he had to make a pick

There was no commitment from Marc. His reply was that he would go for a holiday.

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