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Market Makers for Singapore Government Bonds

According to SGX, investors can expect transparency in price discovery and competitive trading costs of Singapore government bonds (SGS bonds) when they start trading on SGX from 8 July 2011.

Market makers will be available to increase liquidity and make it easier for individual investors to buy and sell SGS bonds.

Without these market makers, the trading of these government bonds would be a challenge.

The liquidity providers which have committed to provide two-way prices for the 19 SGS bonds traded on SGX include DBS, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, OCBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and United Overseas Bank Limited.

With the participation of these SGS Primary Dealers, who are specialist intermediaries in the SGS and Singapore Dollar money markets, investors can be assured of competitive and transparent SGS bond prices on SGX.

Investors will be able to check the prices of all SGS bonds traded on SGX from 8 July via “Live Prices” here:

Live prices for SGS

Majority of the retail brokers have also committed to offer competitive brokerage rates on SGS bonds traded on SGX.

In addition, SGX is organizing a series of educational seminars for investors who are interested to know more about how to buy and sell SGS bonds or fixed income securities on the Exchange. Investors may visit the SGX Academy to register for these free seminars.

For comprehensive information on SGS bonds traded on SGX, please visit here:

SGS Bonds Information

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Nuts says 9 years ago

To facilitate market-driven price discovery and hence yields for SGS, to feed into the new CPF SMRA interest rate formula starting on 1st Jan 2012.

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