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MAS Investor Alert List Update

From time to time, MAS receives information on persons who are possibly conducting activities regulated by MAS without authorisation. Some of these unregulated persons may sometimes use names similar to that of entities regulated by MAS.

MAS maintains an investor alert list, on whom MAS has received information and who are not authorised by MAS in respect of the carrying on of regulated activities. The list is not exhaustive.

The main shortcoming of this list is that by the time a company makes it there, many people might already have invested with the company. A better way would be checking the list of regulated financial institutions in Singapore, which is maintained separately by MAS.

red flagAnother problem is that even though some of the companies on the alert list are not regulated as defined by the law, most of them continue to operate as normal even after making it to that list.

Some other companies might try to get round the system by claiming that they are only selling products and not investments – products that give you a return.

As of today, there are 113 companies on the MAS Investor Alert List. This compares to 93 companies when I last published the alert list almost one year ago. So one way of improving the list would be to indicate the date whereby the company was added to the list.

One notable recent addition is a company which has been promoting land investments for the past few years. If collective land investment is not considered a regulated activity, shouldn’t all companies that promote collective land investments to retail investors be on that list? Or should the authorities take steps to regulate them properly (if they are good) or ban them completely (if they are bad)?

The current list is as shown below:

  1. Aberdeen Langley
  2. Alliance & Dunbar Consultancy Inc.
  3. Alltra Limited (Alltra)
  4. Apollo International Wealth Management Co. Ltd
  5. Armstrong Group International Ltd
  6. Asian Foreign Securities and Compliance Department (“AFSCD”)
  7. Astral European
  8. Athelington International, UK
  9. tlantic International Partners
  10. Barlow & Ramsey
  11. Barron Mackenzie Barrister and Solicitors/Barron Mackenzie Pte Ltd
  12. Baylor Byrnes Brackman Group Inc.
  13. Bernard Simpson Consultants
  14. Berkeley Samson International
  15. Blane and Blanchett
  16. Bloomberg and Associates [“B&A”]
  17. Bowen Reece (formerly known as Chartered Asset Management Co Ltd)
  18. Cambridge Capital Trading [CCT]
  19. Capital Partners
  20. Carlton Global Management
  21. Carver Brooks & Associates (“Carver”)
  22. Cathay Asset Management
  23. Charles Fleming Co Ltd
  24. Chartered Asset Management Co Ltd [This company is a different entity from and not related to Chartered Asset Management Pte Ltd; the latter being a holder of a capital markets services licence which is regulated by MAS.]
  25. Chartwell Asset Management
  26. Clearwater International Limited [“CIL”]
  27. Crest Asset Management
  28. Davis Goldberg Group
  29. Davis Group International
  30. DSB Singapore Pte
  31. De Verre Lloyd & Co Ltd
  32. DM Gray Consulting
  33. Don Tombia Herbert Investment Ltd
  34. Drexel Asset Management Limited
  35. Drover-Horne Ltd (also known as Drover-Horne Management Pte Ltd)
  36. Dublin Castle Investment Inc
  37. Eaglebanque
  38. Eaton Capital Americas
  39. Eno Capital Transfer [“Eno”]
  40. Expatriate Financial Services
  41. Factor Ten Financial
  42. Far East Asset Management
  43. Finance Alliance (FA) [This company is a different entity from and not related to Financial Alliance Pte Ltd; the latter being a holder of a financial adviser’s licence which is regulated by MAS.]
  44. First National Financial Group Inc
  45. First Pacific Network
  46. Foreign Exchange Capital Markets LLC (“FXCM”)
  47. Garner Goldstein Incorporated
  48. GINSystem Inc
  49. Global Capital Management Pte Ltd
  50. Global Corporate Strategies International
  51. Global Link Mergers & Acquisitions
  52. Global Medical Financing, Singapore
  53. Green Cap Financial LLC (Green Cap)
  54. Harrington Management Ltd
  55. Hawkins & Doyle Inc
  56. Imperia Invest IBC
  57. International Options Trading Ltd Pty
  58. JP Moreau Ltd
  59. Kearns Investment
  60. KLC Partners
  61. Lanson Financial Administration
  62. Lombard Grand Incorporated
  63. Martinez & Mannheim
  64. Medibroker International [“Medibroker”]
  65. Mercantile Sterling Management
  66. Morgan Glenwell Limited
  67. McKenzie Smith (formerly known as Cabrini, Green & Ross Inc.)
  68. Nectine Solomon Corporation
  69. Norstar Financial Group
  70. Oppenheimer International
  71. Oxford Trading (1978) Limited, Hong Kong
  72. Pacific Prime Insurance Brokers Limited [“Pacific Prime”]
  73. Paradigm Resources, Ltd
  74. Parker Jennings
  75. Phoenix Alliance International
  76. Pollack & Quinn
  77. Premium Alliance Group
  78. Premium Placements Management
  79. Primrose Trading Co Ltd
  80. Professional Capital Management Pte Ltd
  81. Provident Capital Pte Ltd [This entity is different from and not related to Provident Capital Pte Ltd; the latter being an exempt fund manager, exempt corporate finance advisor, exempt leverage foreign exchange trader which had ceased its exempt status on 29 May 2007.]
  82. Quantex Inc.
  83. Richard Watson Associates
  84. RMC Client Services
  85. Rockwell and Bond S.A.
  86. Roth Group Plc/Pte Ltd
  87. Scott Fitzgerald Group
  88. Silverthorne and Chambers Inc (S&C)
  89. Singapore Securities Options Futures Exchange (SSOFX)
  90. Sino Intermediaries, Taiwan (also known as Sino Intermediaries)
  91. Sovereign Global Trading
  92. Stamford Financial Limited
  93. Steinberg Investment Research AG
  94. Sterling Capital Corp
  95. Sterling Futures Management Ltd
  96. Stockbridge Consultants
  97. Strategic Capital Partners Portfolio Management AG [“SCP”]
  98. Sunshine Empire Pte Ltd [“SE”]
  99. Swiss Cash/Swiss Mutual Fund
  100. The Falon Group Limited
  101. The Profitable Group (Profitable Plots Pte Ltd)
  102. The Xenon Group [“Xenon”]
  103. Thomas Castle Management
  104. Towry Law International
  105. Trans-World Alliance Trading Ltd
  106. Tzu, Waite & Associates Singapore
  107. Union Acquisition Group & Collins Capital Management
  108. Warner Price Trading Ltd
  109. Warrick Management Group Limited
  110. Webster Acquisitions/London
  111. Whitman Pearce & Partners
  112. Windsor International Management Ltd
  113. Yamato and Associates

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bash says 8 years ago

Was contacted today by Mr. Mike James from Eaton Capital America for a real nice deal, also a acquisition of Cardinal Factors. Searched the web and found this page.
A scam?

    Martin Lee says 8 years ago

    Dear Bash,

    I suggest you stay clear.

Lee keng Hiang says 10 years ago

Need help Eaton Capital Americas still active and contacting me for some payments. It is about acquisition of Cardinal Factors.

    hangdog says 9 years ago

    Just received a call and an email from Eaton Capital myself.

    Searched the web and saw the above message.

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