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MAS Investor Alert List

Today, I just thought of posting a list of the companies that are on the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) alert list. Notice most of these companies have names that make use of established brands. A few of their names are very, very similar and could be hard to spot at first glance. Some of them are also located in the central business district.

MASPlease exercise extra care if you are thinking of dealing with these companies.

Here’s the current list (updated as of 03/03/2008):

  • Aberdeen Langley
  • Alliance & Dunbar Consultancy Inc.
  • Alltra Limited (Alltra)
  • Apollo International Wealth Management Co. Ltd
  • Armstrong Group International Ltd
  • Asian Foreign Securities and Compliance Department (“AFSCD”)
  • Astral European
  • Athelington International, UK
  • Atlantic International Partners
  • Barlow & Ramsey
  • Barron Mackenzie Barrister and Solicitors/Barron Mackenzie Pte Ltd
  • Baylor Byrnes Brackman Group Inc.
  • Bernard Simpson Consultants
  • Berkeley Samson International
  • Blane and Blanchett
  • Bloomberg and Associates [“B&A”]
  • Bowen Reece (formerly known as Chartered Asset Management Co Ltd)
  • Cambridge Capital Trading [CCT]
  • Capital Partners
  • Carlton Global Management
  • Carver Brooks & Associates (“Carver”)
  • Cathay Asset Management
  • Charles Fleming Co Ltd
  • Chartered Asset Management Co Ltd
    [This company is a different entity from and not related to Chartered Asset Management Pte Ltd; the latter being a holder of a capital markets services licence which is regulated by MAS.]
  • Chartwell Asset Management
  • Clearwater International Limited [“CIL”]
  • Davis Goldberg Group
  • Davis Group International
  • DSB Singapore Pte
  • De Verre Lloyd & Co Ltd
  • DM Gray Consulting
  • Drexel Asset Management Limite
  • Drover-Horne Ltd (also known as Drover-Horne Management Pte Ltd)
  • Dublin Castle Investment Inc
  • Eaglebanque
  • Eno Capital Transfer [“Eno”]
  • Expatriate Financial Services
  • Factor Ten Financial
  • Far East Asset Management
  • Finance Alliance (FA)
    [This company is a different entity from and not related to Financial Alliance Pte Ltd; the latter being a holder of a financial adviser’s licence which is regulated by MAS.]
  • First National Financial Group Inc
  • First Pacific Network
  • Foreign Exchange Capital Markets LLC (“FXCM”)
  • Garner Goldstein Incorporated
  • GINSystem Inc
  • Global Capital Management Pte Ltd
  • Global Corporate Strategies International
  • Global Link Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Global Medical Financing, Singapore
  • Green Cap Financial LLC (Green Cap)
  • Harrington Management Ltd
  • International Options Trading Ltd Pty
  • JP Moreau Ltd
  • Kearns Investment
  • Lanson Financial Administration
  • Lombard Grand Incorporated
  • Martinez & Mannheim
  • Mercantile Sterling Management
  • Morgan Glenwell Limited
  • McKenzie Smith (formerly known as Cabrini, Green & Ross Inc.)
  • Nectine Solomon Corporation
  • Norstar Financial Group
  • Oppenheimer International
  • Oxford Trading (1978) Limited, Hong Kong
  • Paradigm Resources, Ltd
  • Parker Jennings
  • Phoenix Alliance International
  • Pollack & Quinn
  • Premium Alliance Group
  • Premium Placements Management
  • Primrose Trading Co Ltd
  • Professional Capital Management Pte Ltd
  • Provident Capital Pte Ltd
    [This entity is different from and not related to Provident Capital Pte Ltd; the latter being an exempt fund manager, exempt corporate finance advisor, exempt leverage foreign exchange trader which had ceased its exempt status on 29 May 2007.]
  • Quantex Inc.
  • Richard Watson Associates
  • RMC Client Services
  • Rockwell and Bond S.A.
  • Roth Group Plc/Pte Ltd
  • Silverthorne and Chambers Inc (S&C)
  • Sino Intermediaries, Taiwan (also known as Sino Intermediaries)
  • Stamford Financial Limited
  • Sterling Capital Corp
  • Sterling Futures Management Ltd
  • Strategic Capital Partners Portfolio Management AG [“SCP”]
  • Sunshine Empire Pte Ltd [“SE”]
  • Swiss Cash/Swiss Mutual Fund
  • The Xenon Group [“Xenon”]
  • Towry Law International
  • Trans-World Alliance Trading Ltd
  • Tzu, Waite & Associates Singapore
  • Warner Price Trading Ltd
  • Warrick Management Group Limited
  • Webster Acquisitions/London
  • Whitman Pearce & Partners
  • Windsor International Management Ltd
  • Yamato and Associates

For the latest update and the contact details of these companies, you can refer to the MAS Investor Alert List here.

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larry says 8 years ago

Last year I invested through a company in Boat Quay called Cuffz Holdings for their REIT projects in the Philippines, China and elsewhere that they said they have. They assured of our exit in 12 months with a 34-36% return. The due date came and went, but they kept saying that they are in a process of IPO, and therefore everything on hold. Its been 7 months now after the exit date and they are still saying the same thing. Can anybody give any information of update on this please

    Martin Lee says 8 years ago

    Dear Larry,

    Unfortunately, I don’t think the chances of getting back your money is high.

    That kind of returns promised for a REITs is too dodgy.

[email protected] says 8 years ago

German listed buildings is the talk of the town – 12% guaranteed yield within 12 months. For those people live on their retirements, such product is not be suitable. Such alternative investment is not regulated by the MAS. They can sell you the story that they are credible for accomplished projects. Besides, there are many listed buildings in Germany. I am very doubtful they are top 5 in Germany with rented office and no physical assets.

The Gold Guarantee founder disappeared just few days ago. Hmm…another scam or fraudulent time will tell. Better leave banks to earn less than 1% interest.

Lee says 8 years ago

Hi Raymond, Before you decided to make purchase,
you need to check some of the following key points:
* Do they have the past track records?
* Is there development plans already approved?

you can contact me at 9386 9875 for some detailed discussions

Raymond says 9 years ago

I have being approach by Wealth Foundation representing A2Aon Capital Management Pte Ltd on land sale plan at Canada. Anyone have any advise on this?

John Chan says 9 years ago

Hi, please advise on Solomon Alliance Management and Dolphin Capital GMBH. I was approach to invest in this Germany Government Listed Building Project and a promise of 12% interest. Is this another scam? Appreciate it.

    Scott says 8 years ago

    Dolphin Capital are in default of their obligations to me.

      roger says 8 years ago

      hi scott

      please tell me more

      i invested with them a few months back & i think i am due for
      some payments in the next 1-2 months

      concerned investor

        Feng says 8 years ago


        I am approached by Solomon Alliance Management on this German Government building investment via Property Guru. Sounds too good to be true with 12% guranteed return, Please share your experience with them.

        Thanks, Feng

      Stu says 8 years ago

      Hi Scott,

      Please elaborate what obligations are due to you?


      Raymond says 8 years ago

      Hi Scott,

      I have invested with Dolphin Capital and gotten my returns back for more than 2 trenches. Could you explain what your obligations which was defaulted? Or are you just a competitor trying to be defamatory. Cos I have not heard of any issues yet and the investment makes sense. Please advise.


    Lee says 8 years ago

    Hi John, Perhaps I can answer your concern regarding to this.
    Feel free to drop me a email: [email protected] /9386 9875


    Claire Scope says 8 years ago

    Did you go ahead and invest in Dolphin Capital GmbH? It is also being suggested to me as an investment opportunity with guaranteed 12/13/14/15% returns over 5 year period……..

      larry says 8 years ago

      Hello. I invested in Dolphin Capital Gmbh property last year, and I already got my returns as promised upon exiting just early this year. I think they are ok.

Yes says 10 years ago

Report to CAD, please.

James says 10 years ago

Let’s not dignify them by attaching the word, artists, to ‘con artists’. They’re scums.

ConnedbyKingly says 10 years ago

con artists everywhere 🙁 so sad and angry

James says 10 years ago

I’m a victim as well and from Singapore. I want to write to MAS to report this. What email address should I write to?

And how can we make a legal case out of this to get the money back?

Simon says 10 years ago

Finally the truth reveals itself. We need to do our part to expose them as much as possible so that less people would fall prey into them.

I had a couple of bad days after I stop answering their phone calls. They were very persistent and kept calling me because I ENTER INTO A VOICE RECORDING with them and promise to buy 1,000 shares of Suntec Solar. They quickly send me the account openning form which I didn’t reply them. They then keep asking me when could I release the money which I promised I would do it the next day. The recipient bank account is OAKSTAR HOLDINGS INC. 301203278010 at TA CHONG BANK LTD. Taiwan. Beware of this account.

On the next day, I changed my mind and said no to them. They threatened me and said I was legally binded to complete the transaction. Those was a bunch of bull shit. If anyone of you out there face the same situation, don’t be afraid. Just hang up the phone and stop talking to them. Even if you answer, let them talk to the air. At least you are wasting their time so that they have lesser time to hunt for next victim.

I was thinking of reporting them to MAS. I think MAS should put them into the scammer list so that all Singaporeans could be warned. I did write into MAS and told my part of the story but so far I don’t think they are included in the warning list yet. I believe if sufficient people write in, MAS would take action.


Trevor Ponton says 10 years ago

Sorry for the belated reply.
Been a busy 18 months.
At the time I was referring to DROVER HORNE ans was intriduced to them in Singapore.


Joanne says 10 years ago

Heard of Genneva?

Some friends recommended to buy gold from Genneva, and the returns seems to be quite interesting. Any comment on that, some rumours said that is a scam but others said not at all.


ConnedbyKingly says 10 years ago

sorry to hear that too raymond…:(

Simon says 10 years ago

Hi Raymond, I am sorry to hear that and certainly I hope you stop sending them any more money.

After checking around, I found out that they have called one of my colleague before! That was probably a couple of months back, saying the same thing. After two months, the IPO date is still few months down the road. Something is not right here.

The tactic that scammer always use is to ask for your small compliance. Little by little, they will ask you for bigger commitment. After reading your comment, I think Nexus Ventures (UK) matches the tactic of a typical scammer.

If truly it turns out to be a scam, please don’t be so hard on yourself. Money can be earned back anytime, but not your faith and health. Certainly if it turns out to be a real thing, then I wud be happy for you.

For those who want to avoid them, the best thing to do is not to take the call. Don’t even talk to them. This is the way to stay in control.


    Raymond says 10 years ago

    Dear Simon,

    sad to say, I just read through the web-site and realised that this is a scam. The former company is Dawson & Fielding, and they change their name to Nexus Ventures (UK). Both Nexus and Suntec-Solar web-site is just a web-site with no real company exist according to information to those who fall into the scam. They still call me to top up to have so call “guarantee Return”. After I refuse, they continue to call and reduce their amount that I need to put in. By the way, thanks for all the warning, I have not put in more money. Yes, I will let go and carry on with me life. A lesson learn. Thanks


      Gary says 10 years ago

      I have just been contacted by them. The farce is so thin that it is probably one of the worse scam attempts ever. They presented themselves as a premier venture capital company operating in Japan. They did not realize I am from the venture capital industry as well and was fed a whole bunch of bullshit.

      Evaded my questions on profitability and pricing, the prospectus and issue manager/underwriter, and hung up when I pressured him on these issues and asked why a venture capital company is doing placement! As if we have time to perform such roles and as if as a venture capitalist, I would share good things with an outsider.

Simon says 10 years ago

There is this London based company called Nexus Ventures who has been calling Singapore investors to invest into a pre-IPO stock of who they claim will be listed in 3 to 4 months in France. I highly suspect it is a scam because of few reasons:

a. High pressure sales call.
b. Call during odd UK hours.
c. Why look for small investor if the return is so good?
d. Why go through difficult retail channel if return is promising?
e. Unknown caller id.
f. Money to be sent through an offshore bank in Taiwan so they are not regulated by MAS.

Investors out there, please be aware. I hope I’m over-reacting so for those who has invested, good luck.

    lioninvestor says 10 years ago

    Hi Simon,

    Thanks for the warning. Certainly much to be suspicious about.

    Raymond says 10 years ago

    Dear Simon,

    Yes. wish me good luck. I have invested a small amount as they sound professional. But they keep calling me for a top up in order to realise a guarantee return in near future. I am not comfortable and keep telling them no. Asking them about the IPO launch date, they can’t answer me only mention most probably in Sep. No material for reference, no email correspondance. All email are transaction record only. I am getting not so comfortable now. Don’t know what to do too. Have to wait till the date for launching. Hopw it launch.

ConnedbyKingly says 10 years ago

the problem is, these so called ‘investment houses’ open and trap investments, then quickly fold up and rename themselves into other names…this way they can camouflage themselves better, and also the investment officer always use aliases or fancy names, never using their real names…

ConnedbyKingly says 11 years ago

i was conned 20k by one ‘kingly management’ in int’l plaza spot commodity nonsense in 1998-2000 period, also lookout for this company.. and all other affiliated to such trade..keep your money in the bank and do real business. Dont get conned like me… its sad to lose such amount listening to their sweet talk and manipulation..

    John Tan says 10 years ago

    Have you heard of The Gold Leaf Pte Ltd?

    My friend has invested S$ 60k following advise of other good friends

    Any comments on this company

Samuel says 11 years ago

I also attended talk at Conrad Centennial on 10 Jan 2010 and put 10% deposit.

My children are not so for it. I also feel now the time horizon can be very long for any high yield.

I am having second thoughts to back out. And also the company is still quite new in this area, right?

Any helpful comments, please.

wiseinvestor says 12 years ago

Some of the names are very similar to some well known companies like Aberdeen Langley, Bloomberg and Associates, DSB Singapore Pte, JP Moreau Ltd etc.

They are obviously trying to scam people by using associations to famous companies.

Trevor Ponton says 12 years ago

I was wondering if anyine knows where the former operators ( for the want of a better word are?
Are they reachable.

    lioninvestor says 12 years ago

    Hi Trevor,

    Which company are you referring to?

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