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MAS OPERA – Checking Prospectus

If you ever need to search for the prospectus of an investment product, one site you can go to is the MAS OPERA website.

OPERA is an on-line database hosting information and documents on public offers of shares, debentures and collective investment schemes (“CIS”) (collectively known as “securities”). It allows you to:

  • Search for and view all offer documents lodged with or registered by MAS
  • Comment on lodged prospectuses and profile statements before MAS registers them
  • View the latest amendments made by offerors to their prospectuses and profile statements
  • Find out the status of prospectuses and profile statements which have been lodged with MAS for registration (including those that have been refused registration by MAS)
  • View a list of stop orders that have been issued on registered prospectuses and profile statements

However, the prospectus are not stored forever. The period of storage is 6 months after registration of prospectuses for shares and debentures and 12 months for CIS.

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