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Maybank Pocket Me Giro

Maybank is currently running a very innovative giro payment promotion scheme for their credit card holders.

Under the Maybank Pocket Me Giro payment system, your Maybank credit card bills will be automatically paid each month using giro.

maybank-pocket-me-giroMaybank will also give you cash rewards into your bank account based on the bill size rounded up to the nearest $5.

For example, if your outstanding credit card bill is $103, you will get a $2 cash reward for that month. If the bill is $200, you will get $5.

The promotion will run from 15 June 2010 to 30 June 2011. The cash reward awarded will be up to a maximum of S$5 per month till 30 June 2011.

Kudos to Maybank for coming up with this. With Pocket Me Giro, you won’t forget about paying your credit card bills fully (save on interest) and you even get rewarded for doing so!

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