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wannablikehim says 13 years ago

Recently I heard about lodging claims against Lehman Bros in USA for the failed Minibond investors. What are the procedures and how much is the cost. When is the deadline and can it be done online?

Ken Tong says 13 years ago

You may want to add one more link to your post (appeared in ST forum today)

Changing Bank Behaviour:

Yet another vulnerable investor nearly conned by UOB again, and it only happend last week! Beyond redemption.

    lioninvestor says 13 years ago

    Hi Ken Tong,

    Thanks for the link.

    Last week! I am completely flabbergasted!!!

Alice Tan says 13 years ago


Sad to know that China being a third world (to many westerner) is willing to send the CEO of toxic milk power to court. And
a 1st world nation is unwilling to punish the CEO of toxic financial product.

Both knew that they are selling toxic product to the navie public. They are really a bunch of greedy people.

Ong says 13 years ago

My wife invested/purcahsed $200,000 minibond from one of the leading brokering houses in Singapore. Following MAS’s 3-step guide, our interview with the FI’s was rejected and were advised to lodge our claim with Fidrec if we agree to limit our claim to not more than $50,000. We repeatedly appeal through our MP and MAS to the FI’s to raise the claim limit to $100,000 to be tested at Fidrec. The FI’s replied our claim limit was not appropriate to be raised to more than $50,000.
What other alternative is there except to participate in CLASS ACTION.

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