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Monty International – Land Resale

Came across this company Monty International that was providing a service of helping land banking owners resell their plots.

With the failure of some land banking companies, some investors have been left stranded with their plots and have been approached by this company who offered them their resale service.

They had a package costing US$1588 where sellers would be able to get advertising space on their site.

I think the main problem would be that if the land banking company had already closed down and chances of getting planning permission are very remote, the value of the land would actually be worth very little.

It would be very tough to find a buyer willing to pay anything near your purchase price (or even half of it). Paying for the advertising might be throwing good money after bad money.

A model that is safer for potential buyers is to offer a certain percentage of the selling price to anybody who offers to help you resell your land. That will mitigate any downside risk for you as you only pay for results.

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Steve says 9 years ago

Unfortunately there are a lot of secondary or reloading scams out there offering to recover funds for people who have already been scammed. These typicaly require and upfront fee for recovery services that are never delivered. Reloading scams can continue until there is no money left

DanielP says 9 years ago

Seems rather like time shares, first they sell it to you, then they try to sell it for you.

Perhaps the same people are involved.

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