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Navigator Transaction Delay Recovery

Yesterday, I received a letter from Navigator apologizing that one of my trade redemption requests was processed one day late.

As a result, the redemption for one of my funds was transacted at a price of 1.480 instead of 1.483.

On their own initiative and even before I had found out about the delay, Navigator had proceeded to credit the difference into my bank account. I probably wouldn’t have realized about the transaction delay if they had not informed me.

Before I received Navigator’s letter, I had even spent a few minutes with a bank officer to track where this extra money had come from.

In an age where we usually have to call up to “complain” and wait a few weeks before things are resolved, it is a refreshing change to see errors being proactively corrected without having to highlight it.

I would say it is a nice recovery process on Navigator’s part.

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