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NTUC Launch of Capital Plus (CPN29)

Yesterday, NTUC launched yet another series of their Capital Plus plan, a limited-tranche non-participating 2-years single premium non-participating plan.

Brief outline of the plan:

  • 2-years single premium non-participating plan
  • Guaranteed interest of 1.40%p.a. Every $10,000 investment will receive $10,281.96 at maturity.
  • Provides TPD before age 65 years old (last birthday) and Death coverage
  • Entry age of 16 to 80 years old (last birthday)
  • Minimum single premium of $10,000 up to a maximum of S$1,000,000
  • Cash or SRS
  • Simplified underwriting
    • Sum Assured = 105% of Single Premium
    • Sum Assured = 100% of Single Premium (if claim occurs within the 1st policy year)

As this is a limited tranche product, applications to the plan is on a first-come-first-served basis. The product will be withdrawn upon attainment of tranche size. Any excess premium received above the tranche size will be refunded accordingly to customers.

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cha says 9 years ago

Guaranteed interest of 1.40%p.a
is this capital guaranteed?

Thank you

    Martin Lee says 9 years ago

    Dear cha, unfortunately, the plan has already been closed for subscription.

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