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Online Petition for Minibond and Others

Mr Tan Kian Lian has started an online petition for investors of credit linked notes (such as Minibond, High Notes or Pinnacle Notes) who felt they have been mislead into buying the product.

It will serve as a means for the group to contact each other and discuss the possibility of taking collective action. He will also try to arrange for a meeting for the group to meet up for a discussion.

If you wish to sign the petition, you can do it at this website:

Online Petition for Credit Linked Securities (more for collecting of particulars to arrange for meeting)


Petition to Government (please sign this)

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jason58 says 11 years ago

Hi all,

please refer and sign up to latest version of Tan Kin Lian October online Petition Letter. Hope thing can be sort out soon……

    lioninvestor says 11 years ago

    Thanks Jason. I have added the link to the main post.

KC says 11 years ago

some news from HK about minibond’s investor actions

Kenneth says 11 years ago

Saw on CNA that the HK investors of mini bond series are planning to sue Lehman sellers…..

Feetsteps says 11 years ago

Objectively, these petitions will only serve as a amplifier for the already inflicted trauma. Half a year ago (or 2 weeks even) it was all blue skies and green grass, nobody in their right mind would think ANY company could collapse overnight, much less Lehman Brothers.

Now that you have lost your fortune, you come out and say ‘Hey he misled me, its not my fault.’ And soon everyone who lost $50 will come crying to sign the petition.

It’s easy for me to say, that I empathise with the old folks who lost their retirement funds. But nobody put a gun to your head when you signed the papers. This is already a disaster, don’t fan it.

    KP says 11 years ago

    Dear Feetsteps

    I agree it is already a disaster but if the affected just sit and sleep on it, the banks will think it is fine to continue doing business the way they do. It is time to stand for what you believe and make yourself heard. It is similar to if you are being molested and someone come along and say you ask for it!

      Phil says 11 years ago

      It is not the same as if you are being molested and someone come along and say you ask for it. You have assumed that the act of selling was a crime like molestation; it is not. Buyers beware, always.

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