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Meet Jim Rogers at InvestGlobal 2015

Gosh, it has been a long time since my last post on the CPF Advisory Panel’s Recommendations. Once you stop writing for a while, it’s hard to overcome the inertia to start writing again. 🙁 Really hope I can start writing regularly again – here’s a quick one on an event called InvestGlobal that is coming up […]

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Seven Top Scams in Singapore

Recently, there has been an email impersonation scam involving the Singapore Police Force. How the scam works is that scammers will send emails from the email address [email protected] to various recipients. In the email, a fake officer claiming to be from the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) will inform the recipient that he has committed financial fraud […]

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Deferred Savings Scheme for Foreign Workers an Excellent Idea

My letter on foreign worker levies : Benefits of a CPF scheme for foreign workers was published in the Straits Times forum section yesterday. I wrote the letter in response to a speech by Ho Kwon Ping – S’pore ‘must get creative’ on housing, income inequality. He had the same idea about converting the present foreign worker levy scheme […]

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Lessons We Can Learn from the Sim Lim Square Incident

The story of the week has to be the Sim Lim Square scams. Unless you have not been reading any news in the past week, you would have read about the public fury over the actions of certain retailers in Sim Lim Square. Very seldom have we seen the public so united in their condemnation […]

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Low Prices Not Cause of Speculative Activity

In response to my letter Share Consolidation Not Helpful which was published in the ST Forum on 09 Oct 2014, Vincent Khoo wrote in and suggested that Share consolidation is good for retail investors. My response to his letter was published on ST Forum yesterday. My unedited letter Low prices not cause of speculative activity is appended below: […]

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