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Court Rules on Madoff Losses

In an appeal ruling, the court has affirmed the method of determining how much investors can recover of their money lost in the Madoff ponzi scheme. Fictitious profits would not be counted as monies to be returned to investors. Only the original capital should be counted in determining how much money is owed to investors. […]

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Hedge Funds Hit by Ponzi Scheme

You can bet that if the returns are enticing enough, even hedge fund managers can be tricked. A person by the name of John “Scott” Clark raised some $47 million for his firm, Impact Cash from 2006 till now. John offered his investors returns of up to 80% per year. Impact Cash firm is supposedly […]

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Fake Insurance Agents Degree

It was reported in today’s newspapers that the Insurance and Financial Practitioners Association of Singapore (IFPAS), the premier professional association for financial practitioners, had endorsed a MBA program that turned out to be a fake. More than 80 students have graduated with the fake MBA. IFPAS had marketed this MBA program offered by Vancouver University […]

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Bucket Shops in Singapore

Trading is an activity whereby everyone who trades will think that he is better than the average trader. (same goes for driving) But by the definition of average, it is impossible for everybody to be above average. Most traders end up losing money and the percentage can run to as high as 80-90% of traders. […]

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Graham Walker Investment

Please be very careful if a company by the name of Graham Walker approaches you with an investment opportunity. One of their current investment opportunities is to sell you shares of BP at a discount to the market price. Dear Mr xxx, It was a pleasure speaking with you today. In the fast moving world […]

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