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Peter Elsworth on Financial Freedom Using Eminis

The next presentation after Steven Molnar was Peter Elsworth.

Peter Elsworth was a name unknown to me but he was supposed to teach us on E-Minis. Before Peter came on, Garry Kewish, a former president of Brian Tracy International, gave us an introduction on Peter and E-Minis.

Garry spent more than an hour telling us:

  1. He is not really a trader.
  2. E-Minis are good.
  3. Peter Elsworth is the guru.
  4. We can all make money from E-Minis.

There was a short part where Garry mentioned that E-Minis were better than options because:

  1. Options have spreads of up to 20%.
  2. 83% of options expire worthless.
  3. Due to time decay, a 3-month option will lose up to 2/3 of the premium in the final month.

The introduction was getting a bit long and I was already very impatient when Peter Elsworth finally got up onto the stage. However, it got even worse.

Peter spent the next 30 minutes or so telling us why we should “invest” in his trading training package. Towards the end, I gave up and decided to go to the Metro sale happening in the adjacent hall to buy some stuff.

This was one presentation where I learnt nothing.

I didn’t know much about trading E-minis before Garry and Peter started, and I didn’t know any bit more when they ended.

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