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Pinnacle Notes Class Action Suit to Proceed in New York

The latest news is that law firm Kirby McInerney LLP, acting on behalf of a group of Singapore investors of Pinnacle Performance Ltd series 1,2,3,5,6,7,9 and 10 notes, have succeeded in getting their case heard in New York.

The defendant will be Morgan Stanley, the creators of the product.

Morgan Stanley had wanted the case to be heard in Singapore but the US judges have decided otherwise.

This clears the first hurdle for the class action suit although it is still a long process before investors can celebrate as the onus is on the investors to prove that Morgan Stanley created the Pinnacle notes with an intent that they would fail.

If the class action suit ultimately succeeds, all affected Pinnacle Notes investors will be entitled to a compensation.

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Rotel says 12 years ago

subash why do you want to read the judgement

subash pillai says 12 years ago

hi, do you know where i can read the judgment?


James says 12 years ago


Any idea which broker offers the cheapest commission per side for online trading of SIMSCI & the contact person? Thanks.

Nuts says 12 years ago

After this, all the investment banks will get themselves incorporated in pro-business pro-banking Singapore liao.

No wonder so many half-past-six retrenched ang moh stock brokers LURRRVE to come to S’pore to setup fly-by-night “investment” companies.

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