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Pinnacle Notes Lawsuit

The latest indicative price of Pinnacle 6 and 7 is 0.01% ($1 for every $10000) and investors in them are looking at a 99.99% capital loss very soon.

Someone asked me the lawsuit for the Pinnacle Notes and I thought it would be good to post this for everyone:

“I am one of the victims of Morgan Stanley scam. May I know where u read that Kirby Mcinerney is going to take up class action against MS? May I also know who is [email protected]? After being scammed once,can’t help being cautious. Thank you for posting the info.”

I have included a couple of videos below to explain how it works. Remember, Kirby Mcinerney only get paid if they win.

This is another contact person if you want to find out more about this:

Contact Person for Kigby Mcinerney Pinnacle Lawsuit

1) What does your firm do for Asian investors?
2) What rights to Asian investors have in a US court?
3) What results have Asian investors received/could receive in a US court?
4) Are these cases worth it financially given the time involved in reaching a resolution?
5) Do you expect more cases to be brought?
6) Is fraud on the rise? In what sectors? In what ways?
7) What kind of regulation will prevent the fraud that has been committed?

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sureesh says 10 years ago


Like to seek advice, I invested

60K in PN6. The bank I bought from wants to compensate me 12K which is only 20%. Should I accept their offer or go for adjudication.

What is the chance of success at adjudication. I agreed to the 50K limit at Fidrec

    lioninvestor says 10 years ago

    I think you should negotiate with them before going to Fidrec. A few examples here where they start off with the lowest offer and then accept counter proposal by investors. Of course, this will depend on the merits of your case.

Concerned says 10 years ago

I have joined, thats the only hope for me…

Pinky says 10 years ago


Anybody knows the proper channel to join this class action?


sureesh says 10 years ago

So mark, are you joining the class actionsuit against MS

Mark says 10 years ago

I personally believe this is a scam.

First it was 9 and 10. Then 1, followed by 3. Now it is 6 and 7.

I too was conned into buying series 3 of the notes. I noticed a quick series of credit events that came in just a few months that bankrupted the series.

The same thing happened to series 6 and 7.

Why do I say that it is scam? It is up to them to quote the companies that the notes is linked to. As investors, we do not have any info till morgan stanley tells another company related to the notes have gone bust.

Proposed Pinnacle Class Action says 10 years ago

[…] Pinnacle Notes Lawsuit […]

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