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Powder River Petroleum Defends Themselves Against Oilpods

Following the legal lawsuit by Oilpods, Powder River and Brian Fox has now proceeded to file their defence. Details can be found in this document.

A lengthy lawsuit will only mean that it will take a longer time for investors with Oilpods to find out what is going to their investments.

Incidently, this case was also reported in today’s newspaper.

This incident highlights the risks of investing in unregulated alternative investments. You have to be mindful that you might not have a clear exit strategy with your investments should things go wrong.

If you ever plan to invest in such products, make sure it is extra money you can set aside for a long time. Above all, never commit too much of your investment capital into such schemes.

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lioninvestor says 15 years ago

Hi Tommy,

SGX also does some form of regulation, but this applies only to securities on its platform.

I’m not too well versed in wine investment, but nowadays I tend to avoid such alternative investments where I have much lesser control.

Tommy says 15 years ago

Hi lioninvestor,

Eversince the Oilpods saga being highlighted, I wonder is there such thing as SEC in Singapore or that only MAS is the only Security Regulator ?

I have been invited to invest in wine as the saying goe if things turn out bad you can have wine to drown your sorrows!
Any advice on Wine Investment!
My fear that Global Warming is the only risk factor!

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