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Premium Liquid Assets in HK Police Probe

What’s the worst thing that can happen if you invested in wine and it didn’t do well?

I suppose you could drink it but that is probably not what investors of Premium Liquid Assets (PLA) had in mind when they invested with the company.

After the Hong Kong office of PLA was investigated by the Hong Kong police for an alleged investment scam, investors of the company in Singapore were left searching for answers.

As with the usual story of alternative investments in Singapore, CASE will not get involve as they do not oversea investment-related matters. Neither will MAS as they do not consider wine to be a regulated investment.

Wine Investors See Red (Today article on June 2011)

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Regina says 8 years ago

This case has been awhile and each time I ask the IO, the reply is still under investigation. Do you think it would help to raise the matter up again if those affected were to get together to push for it .
For those affected, maybe we can try to work together to see how we can escalate this matter.
Should not let this Eldric Ko guy have it too easy.

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