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Profitable Capital Group Alert

The Profitable Capital Group is a new company that you can find on the internet. This company promises investors a daily return from 1% to up to 9%.

On the website of the Profitable Capital Group, it states that they have signed a 3 year sponsorship with ESPN, recently launched AA and AAA plots and that they are part of (well-known) The Profitable Group.

The Profitable Group has issued a statement that the Profitable Capital Group is not part of their company and warns investors to be careful. The actual company that has signed a deal with ESPN and launched the AA and AAA plots is The Profitable Group, not Profitable Capital Group.

It is clear that the Profitable Capital Group is a scam. They are misusing another company’s name to operate a ponzi scam that promises outrageous returns. You can’t even find any contact numbers or address of Profitable Capital Group on their website. While most investors should be astute enough to see through this scam, some others might be lured and taken in by the high returns.

This has happened in the past with scams like Swisscash (or Swiss Mutual Fund) and unfortunately, history always repeat itself.

Investors beware!

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