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Profitable Group in the News

Some recent news relating to Profitable Group, a company that deals with alternative products (investments). They started a few years back promoting land investment opportunities in the UK.

None of these news has been carried in our mainstream newspaper, The Straits Times, yet. There was also some coverage in Lianhe Wanpao but the link is not available.

profitable-groupDrama as Investors Turn Up at Profitable Group Office (The New Paper – 25th May 2010)

MAS puts Profitable Group on its Investor Alert List (Today Newspaper – 27th May 2010)

Police summoned to settle dispute between disgruntled investors & Profitable Group (938 live – 27th May 2010)

Green Gateway Hotel Plan Turned Down in Colchester (Gazette News – 28th May 2010)

Profitable Group Slams Irate Investors (Today Newspaper – 29th May 2010)

Profitable Plots Investor Sues to Get Her $31,500 Back (Today Newspaper – 1st June 2010)

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David Koh says 10 years ago

I have never heard anything positive from people who invested in profitable group before. On the other hand I know personally people who had “invested” money into profitable group and then later had lot of trouble taking it out. In the end they manage to take the money out plus the interest earned, but they used such a shitty exchange rate to change it back to ringgit that the people I know actually just got back the capital. Hopefully people do not invest with them at all.

Have you heard about the Walton group? It seems that they like Profitable group also do these land investments. Wonder whether they are legit.


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