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Profitable Group Under Investigation?

It was reported in Today’s newspaper that Profitable Group, a company providing UK land investment opportunities, was being investigated by CAD.

CAD Steps into Profitable Group Case (Today Online)

The office of  Profitable Group (Plots) was closed when Today visited it yesterday.

The police declined any comments when asked.

Rumors of a raid by CAD were also circulated on the Hardwarezone forum. In the forum, investors who were not paid their proceeds on an investment opportunity called Boron were discussing methods on how to recover their money. Boron is a fuel addictive product and investors were supposed to get a 12.5% returns in a period of 6 months when they invested.

Another investment that was mentioned was called AAA.

Many of these investors could now be left high and dry.

Additional Roporting:

CAD Investigates The Profitable Group (Lianhe Zaobao)

Profitable Plots in CAD probe (Straits Times)

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Jit says 11 years ago

I dont know if I am also victim of this scheme be in touch

nagaratnam says 11 years ago

I believe i am a victim of this scheme.Please include me in any action that is considered

Steve F says 11 years ago

Malyasian Newspaper Articles on the outcome of Malaysian court case against Profitable Plots and current status of Concorde Village

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