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Prudential Asset Management Renamed as Eastspring InvestmentsAs

As part of a rebranding exercise, Prudential Asset Management will become known as Eastspring Investments. The change takes place with effect from 14th February 2012 and will provide for a unified brand.

The new brand name will replace the different business names currently in use in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam. The new brand will not apply to joint venture operations in China and India, or in Hong Kong through BOCI-Prudential.

In Singapore, the name will change from Prudential Asset Management (Singapore) Limited to Eastspring Investments (Singapore) Limited.

As a result of the change, the funds here will also undergo a name change.

PRU Income X -> Eastspring Income X

Sub funds of Prudential Unit Trusts

– PRU Pan European
– PRU Global Technology
– PRU Asian Balanced
– PRU Dragon Peacock
– PRU Global Basics
– PRU Global Balanced
– PRU Asian Infrastructure Equity
– PRU Global Positioning Strategy
– PRU Singapore Select Bond
– PRU Protected Global Titans (S$)

Eastspring Investments Unit Trusts

– Eastspring Pan European
– Eastspring Global Technology
– Eastspring Asian Balanced
– Eastspring Dragon Peacock
– Eastspring Global Basics
– Eastspring Global Balanced
– Eastspring Asian Infrastructure Equity
– Eastspring Global Positioning Strategy
– Eastspring Singapore Select Bond
– Eastspring Protected Global Titans (S$)

Sub funds of Prudential Funds

– PRU Monthly Income Plan

Eastspring Investments Funds

– Eastspring Monthly Income Plan

The name changes have no impact on the investment philosophy or process of the funds.

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