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Prudential PruUniversal Vantage

Prudential is the latest insurer to offer a universal life product, PruUniversal Vantage.

This comes just after Great Eastern Life launched their own universal life product, Prestige Legacy some weeks ago. AIA also has their own universal life product, AIA Platinum Legacy.

For those who are not familiar with universal life (UL), this class of product might seem confusing at first.

An universal life product is used to provide for a large (mega) sum assured.

Premiums are usually paid in a single lump sum or spread over a few years.

Technically, the easiest way to understand how a universal life works is to relate it to a single premium investment-linked plan (ILP).

The main difference is that instead of being invested into funds, the UL will provide for a crediting rate (or interest) on the lump sum. So, it is like an ILP invested into interest generating instruments.

Prudential’s PruUniversal Vantage offers a guaranteed minimum of 3% interest.

Of course, we should never compare the interest rate we can obtain from a UL with a simple bank deposit because you need to factor in all the charges within the plan. After netting off the charges, the returns will be less than what you will receive from the guaranteed rates.

Other universal life products sold here include Manulife’s Heritage, HSBC’s Jade Global Select and Transamerica Life’s TransAce and TransUltra series.

Most universal life products are denominated in USD as the assets are usually used to buy USD denominated bonds in order to provide for a decent crediting rate.

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james says 13 years ago

I heard prudential’s universal life is the worst in the market/ highly priced and few benefits..

appeared” pale” and lousy compared to the transamerica ‘s UL or HSBC ‘s jade products.

Very disappointed at Prudential’s marketing department and the ones that sructured such a lousy uncompetitive plan/ the Last to come up with UL ( supposed to be better since considering the players who are already in the market) yet come up with a lousy plan….

Urged CEO of Prudential-Philip seah-time to consider to further improve the UL plan or else though surely some ” dumb” clients will conveniently buy, but still will surely lose out a lot of opportunities to others banks selling UL such as HSBC,Citibank,DBS,etc…
Don’t hesitate to sack those incompetent UL structurers in Prudential.. The UL’s prudential has became a ” laughing stock” among bankers…All the best to Prudential’s sales!!! fm: A savy client/ james

    yen says 12 years ago

    i happen to know from my agent friend, that Prudential universal life give the less commission for the agent as others give above 10% ,
    i will say, me as banker point of view, we will try to sell what our bank provide and maybe due to low commission and hazzle, so that our bank dont carry pruUniversal plan.

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