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PruInvestor Guaranteed Plus Relaunched

Prudential has just relaunched another tranche of their single premium  5- year non-participating endowment plan – PruInvestor Guaranteed Plus. The previous tranche was in May this year.

Details of this plan are as follows:

Minimum premium : $5000

Payment mode : Cash or SRS

Eligibility : Available for those between 1 – 70 years of age for premium payment by cash, and 18 – 70 years of age for premium payment using SRS account.

Term : 5 years

Returns : 2.5% p.a. (an investment of $10,000 will grow to $11314 at maturity)

There is no health underwriting or declaration required but there is a 105% life insurance protection on the investment amount.

The plan will close on 13th November or when a total of $60-80 million is received, whichever is earlier.

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rx says 10 years ago

Dear all,

I just bought from my Prudential agent…just hope this is not another minibonds tranche… risk no gain…

iplaneteer says 10 years ago

Hi, sounds like a good plan. May I know where I can apply for it and if any freebies given for higher sum? thanks pal

leong says 10 years ago

is this plan good? i’ve seen similar plan like AIA offering 2.75% for 5 years

    lioninvestor says 10 years ago

    Hi Leong,

    This plan is similar to the AIA and HSBC plans which were also recently launched.

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