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Register on the Do Not Call (DNC) Registry Today

On 1 January 2014, the Do Not Call (DNC) Registry will be launched in Singapore. Organizations that conduct telemarketing will be required to check the registry before they call, fax or send a commercial SMS to a phone number.

And today is the day that we can start to register our personal numbers on the registry. Finally, we can look forward to the days of no unwanted calls and SMS from all kinds of sources!

There are a few ways that you can register your number:

1) Online @ DNC Registry website

Log on to to register or deregister on any Register.

2) SMS

Send an SMS with the message “DNC” to the following:

78772  Register on all 3 Registers  (voice, text or fax)

78773  Register on No Voice Call Register

78774  Register on No Text Message Register

78771  Menu for other options (including to deregister)

3) Phone

1800 248 0772  Register on all 3 Registers  (voice, text or fax)

1800 248 0773  Register on No Voice Call Register

1800 248 0774  Register on No Text Message Register

1800 248 0771  Menu for other options (including to deregister)

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