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Relaunch of Capital Plus CPN23 and CPN24

NTUC has relaunched their Capital Plus (CPN23 and CPN24) plans for a limited period.

From now till 20th December 2010, clients can invest into CPN23 which has a policy term of 2 years and a guaranteed yield of 1.4% p.a. upon maturity.

CPN(24) which is for reinvestment of maturity proceeds is available till 15 Dec 2010.

Capital Plus (CPN23)

Policy term of 2 years with a guaranteed yield of 1.4% p.a. upon maturity. The minimum single premium per policy is set at $10,000 and the maximum single premium per Insured is set at $1,000,000.

The entry age is from 16 to 80 (last birthday), available for Cash or SRS. Available till 20 December 2010.

Capital Plus (CPN24)

This plan is exclusive to policyholders who are receiving their maturity proceeds from now till end of the year.

It has a tenure of 2 years and a guaranteed yield of 1.7% p.a. upon maturity. Available till 15 December 2010.

The current fixed deposit rates at ICICI bank for a 2-year deposit are 1.4% p.a. for amounts less than $50k, 1.65% p.a. for amounts between $50k and $100k, and 1.9% p.a. for amounts $100k and higher.

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WPI says 10 years ago

Looks like somebody is monitoring the Weighted Premium Indicator (WPI) on a weekly basis, and doesn’t like what he sees. Probably he’s becoming desperate due to many customers free-looking their CPN23 after seeing the 3.3% inflation rate in the newspapers, with even more inflation coming in 2011. The vast majority of maturing policyholders also are not buying into CPN24. The trainers and sales mgrs are working their mouths & fists overtime to get their agents to sell these dubious “savings” koyok, using “better than the bank” comparison and scaring potential consumers that S’pore govt no longer guarantees bank deposits from Jan 2011 onwards, so better to put into this “savings” koyok.

The Watchman says 10 years ago

you can see how desperate they are… be #1 using the same tactic based on weighted premium. Last year they won because of capital plus…I wonder how many will be conned ..oh , it sells if it is compared to bank FDs but capital plus is NOT risk free and liquid as FDs.

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