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Removal of Funds from CPF Investment Scheme

With regards to unit trusts, CPF monies can only be used to buy funds which are included under the CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS). The number of funds that can be purchased with money in the Special Account (SA) is much fewer than the number of funds that can be bought using money from the Ordinary Account (OA).

These funds have to meet strict criteria set by the CPF Board to continue remaining in the CPFIS. One of these criteria is that their total expense ratio (TER) has to be lower than a certain stipulated amount.

The following funds have not met this criteria and will no longer be able to accept new CPF monies into the fund:

  • LionGlobal Southeast Asia Fund
  • Fidelity Asian Special Situations Fund (USD)
  • Fidelity European Aggressive Fund (EUR)
  • Fidelity South East Asia Fund (USD)
  • Fidelity Taiwan Fund (USD)
  • Fidelity FPS Global Growth Fund (USD)
  • Fidelity Target 2020 Fund (SGD)
  • Henderson Global Technology Fund
  • Henderson Global Balanced Fund
  • Henderson Pacific Dragon Fund
  • Henderson European Fund
  • Henderson European Property Securities Fund
  • Henderson Japanese Equity Fund
  • Henderson Global Property Equities Fund
  • Henderson Asia-Pacific Property Equities Fund

If you are currently holding any of them with your CPF money, you can still continue to hold them. Just note that you won’t be able to buy more of them very soon.

If you have existing CPF-OA Regular Savings Plan (RSP) arrangements for the above mentioned funds, you might want to make sure they are terminated and select other funds which are still in the CPFIS instead.

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