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Second Chance Whistle Blower Reward

Saw this announcement by Second Chance Properties which was posted in conjunction with the release of their unaudited results.

Reward of $50,000 cash to Whistleblowers

To further strengthen its Whistle Blower Policy, the Company has implemented a strong deterrent by offering a cash reward to any person whether employees, suppliers, business associates or the general public who provides specific, reliable and credible information or evidence of fraudulent activities by any of the Company’s Executive Director and Management Team as listed in the Company’s Annual Report ($50,000/- cash reward) and all other employees (up to $2,000/- cash reward) which leads to admission of guilt by the accused or leads to successful prosecution.

Please visit our website for full details.

This is the first time that I have seen a company highlight their Whistle Blower Policy so prominently together with its results announcement. So if you are in need of some spare cash and know something (provided there is) that fits the criteria listed in the Second Chance Properties Whistle Blower Reward Scheme, you know what to do. 😀

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