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SGX All Day Trading Starts From Today

Today, we start continuous all day trading for our local exchange, SGX.

Trading times will commence at 9am and last all the way till 5pm without a break.

Employed people who do not usually have time to monitor the markets during their working hours might now have something to do during their lunch breaks?

But the poor stock brokers will now need to stay “on standby” during their normal lunch hours.

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Nuts says 9 years ago

No big deal for the brokers. The lao-jiao ones will continue to go for their lunch breaks as per normal. Newbies will be arrowed to roster & rotate among themselves to standby at their trading terminals. Many other jobs also require all-day servicing — just need to institute staggered lunch hours.

Anyway, all brokerages have already warned customers that lunchtime trading may experience liquidity issues as well as timeliness of execution orders. They’re pre-empting excuses for the standby newbies who may be overwhelmed, blur or eating snake. Not to mention a trading desk with normally 20 brokers now suddenly only have 1 xin-jiao to handle. In other words, you better use limit orders & online platform if you want to trade during lunchtime.

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