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SGX and SPH to Launch Free Financial Portal for Retail Investors

SGX and SPH announced on Friday that they plan to develop a free financial portal for retail investors. The site is targeted for launch in the second half of 2010.

The portal aims to provide the investing public integrated content from both SGX and SPH. In one comprehensive website, users will be able to obtain SGX’s live market data, company announcements, research reports, regulatory news as well as SPH’s breaking news on companies and stock markets.

In addition, users will have access to an Investor Relations (IR) section maintained by SPH-owned (SI), which is a financial internet media and technology company. The IR section provides users corporate information of over 200 companies listed on SGX.

The English version will be launched first, followed by the Chinese version.

Personally, I find the navigation of the present SGX website quite lacking when it comes to reading and searching for company announcements. Hopefully, the new site will offer something much better. For a start, at least most of the information can be found at one location.

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