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SGX Launches Bond Market Initiatives

Singapore Exchange (SGX) today launched its first initiatives to enhance the listing, trading and distribution of fixed income products to build a more vibrant bond market in Asia.

sgx-bond-initiativesThese initiatives include drawing more Singapore-listed companies and other organisations to issue bonds for listing and trading on SGX.

The listing and trading of fixed income securities such as preference shares and convertible bonds will also be encouraged. SGX also plans to halve the time taken to approve bond listings by streamlining the processes involved.

By the first quarter of next year, SGX expects to offer an on-exchange secondary market for individual and institutional investors to trade Singapore Government Securities (SGS). SGX’s Central Depository has been a custodian of individual investors’ SGS holdings since 1 April 2010.

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Flora Cheng says 8 years ago

Hi Martin,

Need your advice on how to buy t-bill and bonds for Singapore Government Securities.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Peter Chua says 8 years ago

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your advice. This is my feeling as well. If Lehman, Freddie Mae ..can go under and BA almost then its really risky to put my investment there.
I believe you are the expert in your field and how do you go about advising your client – meaning how do you go about charging your client?
I am 62+ and into my semi retirement as a Consultant in Logistics and SCM. At this age of course I wish to preserve what I have saved and make my savings work a harder to beat the inflation. I ve done my own investment but not sure if I should engage a consultant in this area to get me a better returns than what i am doing now.
What are your thoughts on this? Thanks.

Best Regards,
Peter Chua

Peter says 8 years ago

Hi Martin,
I am 62 and am looking for a safe investment for my retirement. I ve some bonds issue by DBS and Capitaland. I ve been approached by a bank to invest in Goldman Sach Aus$ bond that gives a coupon rate of 7.5%. Just want your advice as to how safe is this bond. Thank you.

    Martin Lee says 8 years ago

    Dear Peter,

    I have replied to your email.

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