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SGX-SIAS-MoneySENSE Investment Seminar

A seminar teaching the fundamentals of investing will be jointly organised by SGX, SIAS and MoneySENSE. This free seminar aims to teach beginners key investment themes which includes:

  • Basics of investing in listed and unlisted securities;
  • Managing credit, risks and returns; and
  • Responsible investing and creating a sensible investment plan

The topics that will be covered are:

1. Investing in Securities: Back to Basics

  • How does a Securities Market work?
  • Introduction to Investments
  • The credit crisis problem explained
  • Strategies: sector rotation & portfolio construction

2. Technical analysis tools to manage risks and return

  • Overview of charting types & techniques
  • Basic chart patterns & trends
  • Managing risks & returns

3. Creating a Sensible Financial Plan & Responsible Investing

  • Assess Where You Are Now Financially
  • Design a Plan To Reach Your Goals
  • Risk Management
  • Implement & Monitor the Plan

The seminar will be repeated 4 times on 31st Jan, 7th and 28th Feb, and 7th Mar 09 and will be held at SGX Auditorim (Level 2) , 2 Shenton Way, SGX Centre 1 from 1pm to 630pm.

As of this posting, the first session on 31st Jan 09 is already fully booked (200 seats).

You can click on the links below to register for the other sessions. 

7th Feb 2009

28th Feb 2009

7th Mar 2009

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