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Siblings HDB Rule to be Scrapped

After questions were asked about PR siblings under the age of 35 being allowed to buy HDB resale flats, the government has decided to discontinue the scheme with immediate effect.

According to Senior Minister of State for National Development Grace Fu, the scheme was no longer necessary as with the liberalisation of the subletting market for HDB flats over the years, unmarried siblings who have parents staying overseas can now rent a room or small flat from the open market.

The scheme was previously introduced in 1990.

About 300 (or 1% of total flat transactions) of such cases get transacted each year.

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Meteor says 10 years ago

There is no rationale at all of scrapping the 1% siblings scheme after so many years!! It is unbelievable that this is the best way Singapore gov’t can think of to satisfy Singaporeans’ dissatisfaction of favoritism to PRs against Singaporeans. This is actually not benefiting Singaporeans at all but also badly influences PRs’ view against Singaporeans. 
Why can’t Singapore gov’t amending the policy to allow Singaporean siblings to buy even if their parents are reside in Singapore?? This would be a greater news to those who voiced out their dissatisfaction earlier on.
Besides, if Singapore gov’t wants to show favoritism to S’poreans, then why not abolish all PRs schemes of buying HDB, but why only abolished the ONLY PR scheme for SINGLEs? Single PRs should not be discriminated! After all, single PRs do contribute to the economy of Singapore as well. Despite this, we are also tax payers!!! Though we do not get any privilege from Singapore gov’t but we are contented as we know Singapore is a best country to live in.
I am sure there would be some same voices from the others out there. And sincerely hope the gov’t can hear us here.

Nuts says 10 years ago

heh heh, how come no MP ask breakdown of the total 6,000 flats sold in this manner (300 X 20 yrs), how many PRs versus how many citizens? Also if plotted on a graph, what is the shape of the curve for number of flats sold against the individual years? I bet during the 1990s it was practically flat or zero, but shoot up fast from 2004 onwards.

Why suddenly scrap only when MSM report about it, even though people talking about it for a few years liao? Why need to punish citizens together with PRs? Didn’t the govt say need to differentiate more between citizen and PR?

    lioninvestor says 10 years ago

    Don’t think there’s a need to plot. Obviously, very few (if any) Singaporeans would had taken advantage of this rule.

    Scrap now because the cat had been let out of the bag. 😀

anonymous says 10 years ago

Pity the poor Singaporeans.
Why PRs spoiling our lives one way or another.

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