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SMART Expo Day 1

Today is the start of the SMART Investment & International Property Conference at Sun Tec. Unlike the ATIC I attended last month which was mainly about trading, the SMART Expo’s main focus was on property and alternative investments.

There were a mind-boggling number of exhibitors, which offered investments opportunities ranging from farmland in Argentina to wine in Australia. If you thought buying a property in Singapore is difficult, just imagine now you have to choose the country and company to start with. Certainly much more difficult.

With so many competitors, the staff from the various companies were out in force to convince investors on the merits of their own investment product.

Actually, I wasn’t really interested in alternative investments at this moment. So other than saying hello to the people I knew, I politely declined invitations from most of the other promoters.

There were a few seminar titles that caught my eye, so I made my way down to the seminar area to listen to the speakers. I wanted especially to listen to Steve McMahon, Leong Sze Hian and Wong Sui Jau.

There are a few other talks scheduled on Sunday that I will be attending as well.

After the event ends, I will be sumarising some of them in my blog so stay tuned.

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