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StanChart Housing Loan Promotion

Recently, Standard Chartered Bank introduced a home loan promotion offering a fixed rate of 1.5% for the first year and SIBOR + 1.35% for subsequent years.

This promotion is applicable for loans (for completed homes) taken up till 15th June 2009 and for loan amounts of at least $100k. The lock-in period is for two years.

In addition, Standard Chartered Bank is also providing one-hour approval in-pincipal, free valuation, free fire and home content insurance for the first year for private properties and throughout the loan tenure for HDB properties.

A legal subsidy equal to 0.5% on loan amount or $2000 (whichever is lower) will also be given.

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Jay says 14 years ago

Provided them with all info. Nothing hidden. Got approved in principle. 3 Days later, the banker SMS me to say it’s officially approve. 1 day later, banker tell me it’s not approve. Don’t trust them anymore…

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