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Steve McMahon on Game Plan for Winning Investment Strategy

One keynote speaker of the Smart Expo event is Steve McMahon, former Liverpool (and England) player and ESPN football commentor. He is currently the group commerical director of Profitable Group.

I wasn’t exactly sure what Steve could teach us about investments, but decided to attend his talk anyway.

According to Steve McMahon, this was actually the first public speaking engagement, and he found it much more difficult than playing soccer or being a commentator.

There wasn’t any fancy powerpoint slides, and basically Steve shared with us his entire footballing career.

Yesterday was the Merseryside derby game between Liverpool and Everton. Most people probably didn’t know that Steve was a lifelong Everton fan!

Everton was also where he started his career, followed by a short stint at Aston Villa and then finally Liverpool. Subsequently, he went to Manchester City and finished his footballing career as a player-manager at Swindon.

So how can we relate all these to investing?

Throughout his career, Steve very often had to make important decisions. Just like we have to do so when we invest our money. And never once had Steve made the wrong decision.

How do you know you are making the correct decisions?

When you are happy.

When you wake up and you have regrets, then it’s probably not the correct decision.

And always treat people the way you want others to treat you.

Update: Click here to see the entire presentation by Steve McMahon

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Mike says 11 years ago

Has he left Profitable Group? He is not on their website anymore.

    lioninvestor says 11 years ago

    Not too sure because they removed the list of directors.

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